kitten terrorizing older cat

Come join the discussion about breeds, training, kittens, food reviews, rescues, and more. This occurs when a cat feels that an intruder has invaded their territory. This may discourage him. This is espe… My two older cats hate my kitten's aggressive play, and for the most part he's learned to leave them alone. When clicking a link here and buying, we may be able to make a small commission, at no additional cost to you. POD-CAT AGGRESSION. Joined Nov 21, 2014 Messages 52 Reaction score 6. Slinking around the outside edges of a room that he's in? It was as if she truly did not like Scooter. If you're able to choose from a group of kittens, avoid a kitten that’s hissing, growling or engaged in serious battle with his mates. Cats who, as kittens, were played with or handled roughly by one or more people, and people who don’t understand cat behavior and unwittingly encourage aggressive behavior, are most often to blame. ... 31 Year Old Cat May Be NZ's Oldest Stuff co nz - Duration: ... Cat looking out for kittens safety! He was only 5 weeks old when he would try to play with them and they didn't do much at first but now he's bigger than one of my older cats and he likes to chase and terrorize them. Share this conversation . First, tire out the kitten so she's less likely to view the adult cat as a plaything. A blog about kittens and kitty products. We also have another cat, Moe, who is about six years old and was also neutered when young. No matter how besotted you are with that kitten you’ve seen at the shelter, remember this: if your cat is old, bringing home a young and energetic kitten is only going to cause problems. Unwanted kittens will add to the already enormous problem of cats in shelters and living as strays. Feed the older cats in a separate room to the kitten, with the door closed during meals. participates in select affiliate advertising programs, including the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Why Is My Older Cat Bullying My Kitten? I find this a bit interesting since I have a 12 1/2 year old cat, a 2 1/2 year old and a 1 1/2 year old also. I think Beansy was the same age your kitten was, when I got her fixed, but she tortured him from day one. To avoid this, it’s best to socialize your kitten from 3–12 weeks of age by getting her used to a variety of situations, even those outside the home, such as going to the vet or groomer. On the other hand, a kitten can be perfect for a family with older, more responsible children, or a source of delightful amusement to an active older adult. However, pain and other medical conditions can also trigger aggression, so don’t neglect that all-important check-up! Thanks . This site uses cookies. I'm new to the site and have a number of "multi-cat household" challenges. The kitten has recently started attacking the older cat---like you said, arms wrapped around the cat's neck and biting. I'm hoping he will eventually grow out of this and i'm sure your cat will too. Get up and walk out of the room, without paying her any attention, if her playing becomes too rough. But feline bullying is a widespread problem. Some cats just don't like other cats, some cats can learn to co-exist relatively peacefully with other cats, but some cat's simply can't. Over time, your older cat may start to associate the smell of the kitten with treats, making it a positive scent. Cici can walk by Archie unbothered as long as he’s not trying to play with her. Meowing is reserved for their communications with people. My GF and I took in an abandoned kitten when it was roughly 3-4 weeks old. It is good that your cat does not just sit back and take it, and attempts to fight back a little. There are lots of cat deworming products, Dr. Johnson says. Part two: a tired puppy is a less-obnoxious puppy. He absolutely terrorizes my other cat (Cici) when he’s trying to play. I have a 13-year-old female cat named Angie and a 1-year-old male cat named Tony I adopted a few months ago. He's 11 months old. Now it is approximately 8 weeks and the past two weeks it has been terrorizing our older cat, Felix, so much that he's staying outside most of the day where he used to be a sticker to anyone sitting down. Submitted: 13 years ago. It seems to have gotten better, he’s eating fine and no behavioral concerns. Young cat terrorizing my older cat. My little kitten is 3 months old and my older cat is almost 6 years. Whatever you do, don’t just toss the new kitten right into the mix.

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