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PO Box 1896 | Sacramento, California | 95812 916-442-2666 | While a dog is no match for a 150 to 250lb cat, it can buy you some time. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Running triggers the animal’s hunting instinct and encourages it to attack. Groups of people seem to deter Mountain Lion attacks too so travel in groups, even when making short trips (e.g. If you don't have a fire, a high-powered flashlight is the second-best thing. A Pyr gains acceptance from the flock by being submissive. They are docile and sweet, loyal to their herd and will defend against any threat. 6 years ago They generally are reclusive and avoid making any contact with humans. Our temps can get up to about 105, where we are and lows around 20. Stay in groups and continue to observe the Mountain Lion. From nose to tail, their length can reach 9 feet and average about 100 lbs in weight. If you have a weapon, use it to poke and stab the animal. Best Guard Dog Breeds. Our temps can get up to about 105, where we are and lows around 20. Here's some ideas & inspiration for creating safe spaces for pets, escape tunnels and/or ways to discourage predators from entering your yard or property. They are best suited to large herds in remote locations because they can pose a risk to people. Studies show that properly trained livestock guard dogs reduce predation by as much as 93%. No animal can "guard" against a mountain lion in the sense that they could be relied on to fight and win. The light coloration of most guard dogs is believed to allow them to more readily blend in with the sheep, be accepted as part of the flock, and also to confuse predators. They are also better suited to protect against large predators such as fox, mountain lions, and other large cats, as well as other dogs in the neighborhood. There have also been several other residents who have heard animals scream or howl at night and believe that mountain lions are the reason. DENVER, COLORADO -- A Colorado family jumped into action to save their dog from a mountain lion attack. Consider taking a dog. It is white in color. Since humans tend to automatically fight back when attacked, only about 20% of Mountain Lion attacks are fatal. We use llamas to help protect our alpacas from predators in addition to livestock guard dogs, Turkish Anatolians. Find out how... Why would killing a lion increase the risk of harm? Although even these large dogs would be no match for a bear in a fight, the large predators seem to respect the "territory" of the guard dogs and stay away. If you keep the dog on a leash, it will alert you to danger but you can also pull it in close to protect. A Symbol for change. The other school of thought is that dogs are a lot like coyotes, which mountain lions can eat. When it comes to protecting pets in areas where wildlife is present, here are a few simple tips: 1. Both of these animals can be effective against dogs and coyotes up to a point, although wolves might easily overwhelm them. Back away slowly and never turn your back. Stand up tall, hold out your arms, make a lot of noise. -Advertisement- Donkeys who do attack a predator will be very aggressive, using their teeth and hooves. Those extra couple seconds might be enough time to let the cougar know you … Yes, a bear attack can happen in many areas of the United States. If you do come across a cougar in the wild, stay calm. It is often called an Anatolian Shepherd, which is more accurately a term for any of the dogs from Turkey, and the name can be confusing. It is generally the best bet to be physically fit in order to hunt mountain lions, due to the difficulty and amount of physical activity that this sport requires. If you see a Mountain Lion approaching at a slow but steady pace, they are most likely readying to attack. Mountain lions tend to pounce on prey, tackle them and gouge their mid-sections with their claws before trying to bite the throat and snap the neck. They are slender and agile and stand about 2-3 feet tall at the shoulders. Do not run – running triggers the Mountain Lion’s attack instincts. Their daughter raises goats on adjoining property. Guard dog breeds like the Great Pyrenees, so stalwart against coyotes, suddenly appeared outweighed and outmatched. Cats DO NOT need to be imprisoned indoors in order to be kept safe. Be aware of your surroundings so you do not accidentally startle a Mountain Lion. There is no dog on earth that can go up against a mountain lion & actually win except if its very luck. She said that the one drawback of the Great Pyrenees is that foxtails in their long fur are a big problem, particularly between their toes. Top 10 Best Guard Dog Breeds for Livestock & Poultry Protection. By Amina Lake Abdelrahman, Good Housekeeping Institute Mountain Lion populations are increasing in some areas. Your support and donation of $21 (US) for each bracelet will help us protect the status of African lions (Panthera leo) in a number of ways. Bear Dangers and how to defend yourself against a bear attack. I wish we had more mountain lions here. How to make rope from plants - fiber extraction and natural cordage construction. Great Pyrenees were originally bred as dogs of war, and then used during times of peace to guard sheep and goats. No dog is 100 percent of the time able to fend off a wild animal. Best Guard Dog Breeds. They prefer easy prey, a victim that will not fight back. Our tips could save your dog's life. lists above, or explore some of the feature articles, audio and video that are highlighted as you scroll down the page. We have sheep, llama and multiple fowl including peacocks. It originates from the Sivas-Kangal region of the country. Be aware. CLICK HERE TO RETURN TO OUR PORTAL PAGE FOR PROTECTING PEOPLE, PETS AND LIVESTOCK. The best way to avoid … Best Dog To Protect Against Mountain Lions. If you have a weapon (pepper spray, knife, hiking pole), use it. 1. Make loud noises and try to make yourself look bigger by holding sticks over your head or spreading your jacket (Cougars prefer easy prey). Researchers at the U.S. Agriculture Department’s National Wildlife Research Center have looked into the best guard dogs against wolves and other predators, and have found that three breeds not to mess with. Kurgo Step & Strobe Boots [Most Feature-Packed] These high-end rugged terrain dog booties feature 360 reflective straps, tight weave mesh, rubberized synthetic anti-skid leather soles, and even LED lights for improved visibility. Ensure that kids are pro­tect­ed, and back up slow­ly, keep­ing your eye on the wild­cat. Guardian dogs may be trained to boundary limits by walking the fence line repeatedly, setting their territory and that of the flock. Mountain Lions may not posses the ability to discern every human body part but eyes are particularly important to them. Donkeys can protect against a single fox, coyote, roaming dog and possibly a bobcat. I'll be doing some solo hiking in Sedona, Prescott, Fossil Springs Trail and Tucson. Mountain lions are very different from other large cats. All predators have a fear of fire. Even very large livestock guardian dogs have been killed by big cats. And a dog running ahead on a trail is easy prey for a mountain lion. For side-splitting humor, check out Funny Grins' huge cache of funny jokes, zany videos, and outrageous pictures. They sell their hormone-free products seasonally at local farmers markets under the label Haehl Creek Ranches. Their dog, along with another family, have lost their pets to a mountain lion. Additional tips and safety precautions when traveling in Mountain Lion Territory: Travel in groups, NEVER ALONE. Quantity: Purchase for $21. You can use your legs as leverage and hands to grab the lion’s throat to keep it from biting. There are more than 2000 Akbash dogs in the United States, and one of the three breeds the USDA most recommends as guard dogs. I like them because they’ll generally run faster than black and tans, they have really good noses, they typically have good dispositions, and they’re easy to handle. Some farms mitigate that danger by using them with dogs. Donkeys can protect against a single fox, coyote, roaming dog and possibly a bobcat. About the Mountain Lion or Cougar. These are some of the best guard dog breeds out there. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! ubiquitous coyotes to mountain lions in up-country meadows, and they all pose a threat to miniature livestock. This dog is an affectionate and noble breed that makes a beautiful companion. This past January, north of Eureka, a mountain lion attacked a 70-year-old man hiking with his wife. Hungarian records as far back as 1544 mention the breed, which has been declared one of Hungary's national treasures. So my advise is any breed of dog would do that. This page is a portal to resources for keeping people, pets and livestock safe from mountain lions. Horned cattle are also being used in some ranching operations as a deterrent to predators. A: It's a wonderful defense against mountain lions (also known as cougars, pumas, or panthers). Mountain lion attacks are rare, but hardly unheard of. Someone in the group asked Erlyne Schmidbauer why they use dogs rather than llamas as guards. If attacked, stand your ground. There could be a situation where a mountain lion dropped from a tree or high place onto the top of the dog and kill it immediately. How to make Napalm (recipe for simple homemade napalm), How to communicate with Morse code (using visual, audio, and pressure forms of communication), How to make gunpowder in the wild (all it takes is charcoal, sulfur, and potassium nitrate). A mask worn on the back of the head presumably confuses the Mountain Lion, making it impossible for them to figure a way to attack the human from behind. A mountain lion attacked a southern Idaho family and snatched the family dog, wildlife officials have said. ... We are on a ranch that is known to have mountain lions around quite frequently, as well as other predators (bobcats, bears, Fox, etc). However, wool is now a money-losing product (shearing alone costs more than the wool brings), so they sell lambs for meat. the bears aren't going to be the most dangerous threat. And if you are going to allow your dogs to chase the mountain lions away, be ready to lose one. Punch, kick, and fight hard. Just comparing the sizes, the lion can weigh up to 190 kg. I’m often asked about dog breeds for mountain lion hunting. When you think about dangerous animals in the great outdoors, we worry most about bears. They, like all cats, have extremely sensitive noses and don't like having them abused. Ed and Erlyne Schmidbauer inherited this ranch from Ed's parents, who bought it in 1945. A person and a dog close together probably doesn’t look like prey to a mountain lion. make sure you put spiked collars on them. Make loud noises and throw rocks and sticks at the Mountain Lion (aim for the face) until it runs away. “We were hearing stories about dogs getting injured or killed,” says Young. Since most mountain lions attack people from behind and go for the neck, I thought something similar to the HANS device used in racing might help someone survive a mountain lion attack. But Cougars and Jaguars are heavy hitters. Otherwise, if you see a mountain lion, the best advice is to look big and look aggressive. to the bathroom). Anatolians are one of the only dogs capable of fending off mountain lions, coyotes, foxes and other dogs. A guard dog needs to be well trained. Both of these animals can be effective against dogs and coyotes up to a point, although wolves might easily overwhelm them. wolves are more serious because they live & work in groups and will go out of their way to kill dogs (genetic program to eliminate competition. Dog Owner Says Lesson Learned After Encounter With Mountain Lion November 23, 2016 at 7:28 pm Filed Under: Colorado Parks And Wildlife , Hiking , Jefferson County , Morrison , Mountain Lion And a dog running ahead on a trail is easy prey for a mountain lion. There is no dog on earth that can go up against a mountain lion & actually win except if its very luck. No dog is 100 percent of the time able to fend off a wild animal. The best method for detouring nighttime visitors involves light and loud sounds. the best you can hope for is that the dog keeps the lions attention off of you. So to reiterate, the best kind of guard dog to have on trails is none at all. Smart Hiking & Camping Means Bring Your Pepper Spray for Protection Against Mountain Lions, Bears and Cougars. She laughed and said, "Mountain lions like llamas even better than sheep!" Click on any item in the They are less agressive towards people than some of the other dogs used as guardians. Make sure that the cougar isn’t backed into a cor­ner: give it a chance to escape. Life's short - make fun of it! Again, aim for the head and eyes although body shots work if that’s the only target you have available. By now, you’ve fig­ured out that avoid­ing the cougar alto­geth­er is the best strat­e­gy. But in the majority of cases, the money saved from the reduction in predation greatly exceeds the purchase price of a livestock guard dog (ranging anywhere from $200 to $1,000 depending on breed, bloodline and age) and a few hundred dollars per year for their annual maintenance cost (food, veterinary care, and miscellaneous). If the Mountain Lion is less than 50 yards away, prepare to defend yourself. Some farms mitigate that danger by using them with dogs. Mountain lion attacks are rare, but hardly unheard of. Detecting the Mountain Lion's Presence Before an Attack Look out for tracks. Earlier this month, a family in Sun Valley California reported that a mountain lion attacked and killed their pet dog.

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