fallout 4 legendary enemies not dropping loot

Fallout 76 Loot Drop Simulation (v0.7.5) Number of tries: Run. Every time the legendary enemy dropped a weapon, it was mostly random. I ultimately tend to get what I need from loot, bosses, vendors and from modifying armor and weapons at crafting tables when level and perk permit, it's more convenient and simple for me anyway, cheers and happy hunting vault dweller. Chance of Legendary Enemy Spawn= 1/6 (legendary rarity by default) X 1/5 (20% chance at lv 51) X 1 (Normal difficulty by default) X 1 (Scripted Value) = 1/30. I've player 30 odd hours, playing on normal, and I've run into at least 25 legendary enemies, I think it just means they have better loot and can recover health if they drop below half hp. As of Version 7.0 uploaded 4-23-16 there are currently 27 bosses spawned throughout the Commonwealth 24 of which are different, they are quite strong, they are Legendary, and they drop loot that makes them worthwhile to kill, and give a great bit of experience as well. I've noticed that the "legendary" enemies won't drop … For Fallout 4 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Rare Legendary Enemies and Mediocre Drops". Same thing in fallout 4. ... My favorite is taking down a Legendary enemy and not even getting a legendary drop. Legendary enemy and drop chances matrix. But whenever the enemy dropped a … level 2. It was rare, but happened on occasion. Other times I have killed legendary radstag or bloatflys and gotten explosive mini guns or two shot weapons. I kind of wish loot would be leveled and tied to specific enemies somewhat but that's the point of RNG to keep the game interesting, i guess. There were certain weapons it wouldn't drop much, if at all, and there were certain legendary effects that seemed to be absent, but there was still a lot of variation. For Fallout 4 on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "6 legendary enemies in a half hour". ... for me sometimes it takes like 3 minutes for the legendary loot to show up in the corpse, but i had instances when i get no loot at all even legendary loot from them. These items are arguably the most over-powered loot in the game and yet they are handed out mostly to non-boss generic enemies opposed to unique and named boss characters (which is just weird to be honest), they now spawn less on legendary enemies. ... but the obsoletion of the loot system is kind of....boring to play at that point. Even the legendary enemies are random, meaning sometimes they are legendary, and sometimes they are not. Enemy star level: Enemy occurrence chance: ... (Currently, the Anti-armor legendary effect does not reduce any resistance on enemies; a longstanding incomplete design remnant from Fallout 4.) Legendary Drops in fallout 4 are so disappointing :(. There is a misconception that certain races of legendary enemies drop different types of loot, but after exhaustive testing, I feel confidant in saying that the type of loot is entirely random, and based solely on the level of the player, and the legendary enemy. So for normal difficulty when player at Lv 51, the chance of legendary enemy spawn is 1 out of every 30 enemies. And note that Luck do not affect your legendary drop rate of any sort. Sometimes the item clips through the ground. There are plenty of legendary creatures that you can find and eliminate in Fallout 4 to get extremely rare drops. I had a legendary enemy drop a 2 x damage weapon only one other time in my previous play throughs. Not …

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