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Other management techniques like data replication, mirroring and security help to guard against data loss or theft. Generally speaking, IT infrastructure management is anything that does not involve: application development, database analysis and reporting, and individual device deployment and management. Log management, workload automation, configuration management and the integration of cloud-based applications and services all fall under systems management. Infrastructure delivers informational output from business applications, just as a road delivers products loaded onto trucks. Nous avons développé une offre complète d’Infrastructure Management associant des activités de conseil et de management des opérations multimodaux, prenant en compte la diversité générationnelle de votre patrimoine IT. ©Copyright 2005-2020 BMC Software, Inc. But the heart and reason for infrastructure management are the areas covered above. Leaders and managers within the IT field are responsible for ensuring that both the physical hardware and software networks and resources are working optimally. Infrastructure management is the planning, design, delivery and control of the basic facilities, structures, equipment, services and information technologies that serve as a foundation for economic activity. New software-based methods and network architecture design are required for the optimization of data. Remember the road. Trick question: App development is the province of your applications function. Here is a picture of the components that (IMHO) make up an IT infrastructure. These benefits include: Do you know the difference between IT infrastructure management and IT operations management (ITOM)? We sent an email to: Integrated logs, metrics and traces for faster troubleshooting. Hypervisor (VMWare, Microsoft Hyper-V, IBM Power Hypervisor, etc. IT infrastructure refers to the composite hardware, software, network resources and services required for the existence, operation and management of an enterprise IT environment. While the ITIL framework is by no means universally employed, it is widely regarded as a standard bearer that reflects larger trends within IT. There are streets and roads that commuters use to travel to work and school each day. Data storage space is a limited and valuable asset for IT and business organizations. Non-IT people may be fuzzy about hardware and IT-enabled processes, but they know exactly what a road is. Like local authorities, IT infrastructure managers manage their own individual piece of the road and its access to the internet. Infrastructure will probably lead this project but for the HA part to be successful, you may need help from your Applications or DevOps people (and some users) to test and verify HA is working correctly. The Gartner definition is good for dealing with IT people. Patch panels, switches, routers, firewalls, and appliances are cabled and configured for access. Infrastructure provides the delivery mechanism for business information; business applications provide the information itself. L'infrastructure et la gestion informatiques (ITIM) est le processus de supervision de tous les composants matériels, logiciels et réseau impliqués dans l'infrastructure informatique pour augmenter l'efficacité de l’analyse, réduire les coûts et fournir efficacement des solutions d’entreprise. Hybrid Digital Infrastructure Management (HDIM): An Introduction, Cloud Infrastructure: A Brief Introduction, IT and the End User: The Tortoise and the Hare of Business Applications, The Benefits of Consolidating Monitoring in a Multiclient, Multitenant Outsourced Environment, What is Software-Defined IT Operations? IT infrastructure is notable for the things it does not include. The physical infrastructure of a country includes all of the physical structures and components necessary for maintaining its functions. Because the modern IT infrastructure spans physical, virtual, and cloud environments, poor infrastructure management can quickly become costly as business operations are exposed to: Reduced user productivity as network and application infrastructure performance slows due to failing devices, storage quotas exceeded, or configuration errors L’offre Infrastructure Management Services : 5 services indispensables à l’évolution des Systèmes d’Information. Integrated logs, metrics and traces for faster troubleshooting Overview. These assignments can be somewhat fluid. Automation and virtualization techniques can enable businesses to quickly re-allocate storage resources where needed. IT infrastructure is similar to building infrastructure in that it consists of physical components that support the activities and services that are required by users to support business functions. Network management is the discipline of managing security networks. The Infrastructure Manager is providing the whole network management, the discovery functionality, the scan and collection of inventory data, the scan for the topologies and dependencies, all monitoring and performance evaluation and the provisioning service for network devices. IT security and operations analysts manage and configure networks to ensure that resources are properly allocated to applications and services where the are needed, and that the quality and availability of services are maintained. We have been helping organizations globally with their complex IT infrastructure landscape. Infrastructure management is often divided into multiple categories. All of the tasks that fall under IT infrastructure management are aimed at maintaining productivity and keeping downtime to a minimum when something does go wrong. Gartner defines IT infrastructure this way: IT infrastructure is the system of hardware, software, facilities, and service components that support the delivery of business systems and IT-enabled processes. IT infrastructure management is one of the three pillars of Riverbed’s unified NPM platform. With Sumo Logic, IT operators gain unprecedented insight and oversight of performance and security for all elements of IT infrastructure. Sumo Logic enhances visibility of IT infrastructure by collecting and aggregating event logs from throughout the network into a single platform with customized reports and dashboarding features. ), Server utility software (email, monitoring, job scheduling, FTP, Windows AD, CRM, other third-party software) installation, update, configuration, and maintenance, On-premises and cloud backup server setup, upgrades, maintenance, and configuration, User provisioning and security for system access, services, and some applications. Running Solutions (Back-ups and configuration). Generally speaking, IT infrastructure management is anything that does not involve: application development, database analysis and reporting, and individual device deployment and management. The responsibilities of IT operations control can be broken down into six basic functions: Based on this framework, IT infrastructure management can be understood as just one aspect of the overall functionalities supported by IT operations. CIOs and business leaders are proactively seeking new, efficient methodologies and adopting responsive systems and processes to bridge the gap between operations and business. Joe owns Hertvik Business Services, a content strategy business that produces white papers, case studies, and other content for the tech industry. CHANGEPOND High Availability Services for your mission critical IT. HVAC systems and fire suppression systems, Physical security for on-premises, off-premises, and cloud data centers (keyed locks, electronic locks, mantraps). What is IT infrastructure and how do you manage it? It just delivers and regulates how they are delivered to the intended locations (servers, devices, machines, etc.). Once each vehicle’s load is delivered, it is processed, replied to, and other actions are initiated and sent out again on the infrastructure road.

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