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Example: I have an open six top in my section. The hot rod culture and Beat generation also had a major impact on the development of 1950s slang. QSR – Acronym for quick service restaurant. How to Train Servers to Create a Great Guest Experience, How to Survive the Restaurant Industry Labor Shortage. “In the weeds”, we’ve all heard that one but I didn’t see it on the list. Surprised that “Heard” wasn’t anywhere on this list but otherwise spot on! They want you to learn how to speak in a polished, polite and proper way. Usage of terms with similar meaning, propagated by oral culture within each establishment, may vary by region or even among restaurants in the same locale. Each kitchen will have its own unique patois, but many terms are widespread in the industry. If you’re new to the hospitality industry, fear not ­– this comprehensive list will get you up to speed. "The guests are finishing their first course, fire the steaks!". These are wild! On the Fly – The act of fixing an order mid-process to correct for customer needs. As in the bar scene from the movie Tombstone, when the … Take a look at our guide: Emily Wimpsett was a Content & Social Media Specialist at QSR Automations. Every time I see this I go to the net to try and find a term and come up empty. - Needing to be done quickly. It’s okay to get stressed but we need you levelheaded, we’re mid-way through the dinner rush.”, Waxing a Table (v.) - To give someone VIP treatment, Ex. Lol. How many of these restaurant terms did you know? “Grub” is a slang word for food. “We got people at the 12 top, the six top, and the four tops are all full — they all want the chicken GBD, how is that even possible? Runner – Someone needed to “run” food to table. Based on earlier meanings of “rash” or “impudent,” cheeky is slang for “indulgent” or “impulsive,” especially with food and drink. "Is your mise ready? This is the oft imitated lingo of TV’s most famous carpark from 77 Sunset Strip. The first time I realized there was a language barrier between Brits and North Americans was when I went grocery shopping in Toronto. I’m writing this right now because there is a guy two seats over from me who is taking up 3 places. Having a cheeky Nando's means popping in for a bite at the popular chicken restaurant, Nando's, perhaps with your mates after you've had a couple of pints and are having a good time. Another word for eatery. “Behind”. As a restauranteur, you need to be able to understand and speak the distinct language native to the back of the house, also known as ‘kitchen slang’.If you’ve never worked in the kitchen, the slang your cooks use may sound completely foreign to you, and it is pretty unique. So if i have 37 Chits on my board i have 37 separate orders that need to be made. Call them up on the phone and be sure to greet with a friendly salutation. American Slang Modern Brasserie, an established favorite Kansas City dining destination, is where diners may experience the culmination of years of innovative culinary expertise while: Savoring a chef-driven menu Irene Li wants restaurant work to be a viable option for anyone who loves food. Join the fun. #resteraunt #restaurant #poop #booty #sex. I can imagine it easily on a busy Friday night. Swim “86 Octo (Octopus)”. Glad you found our blog! The word "sinister" is Latin for "left," because left-handed people were often thought of as suspicious, evil, or demonic. Running the Pass (adj.) It refers to that moment that I’ve experienced where the task list in your head breaks down and you need ot go in 5 directions at once and end up just spinning in place on your heel. “The couple that just sat down at the deuce in section 3 always only orders appetizers.”. Refresco. The slang is a city term adopted by New Yorkers in the late 1990s and early 2000s, after the word spread across the pond. Ex. A Global Leader in Advanced Restaurant Technology. Our guest wants it more well done. Sharp – Someone has sharp object like a knife behind you. |   Terms of Use   |   Privacy Policy   |   Legal. So from top shelf to bottom shelf we have top-“swim”=fish , then middle shelf-“walk” = animals that walk with their legs like cows , and then bottom shelf-“fly”= animals that have wings like chicken. I’d never heard either term, but they both make a lot of sense to me. The host will typically use this term when informing the server their table has been sat with new guests. "Yeah, I went to the restaurant to throw food at my mom, and that's how she died from a spoon to the face ". There are a lot of great suggestions and updates here and we’re going to add them all. “Carrots and Celery where dropped on the way to a table, we have a host re-firing now!”, Hi. "I love this kitchen display system with the orders on it because chits used to fall off the board all the time.". A table that seats three is called a three top. 1950s slang was different because it was heavily influenced by the youth of the decade. Walk Many kitchens in the US employ a significant amount of Spanish speakers, so if you want to foster a more positive, inclusive environment in your kitchen, it’s beneficial to learn some common Spanish phrases as well. Deuce (n.) - A table that seats two people. Trying to figure out what teens are saying is particularly challenging now, as the past decade's explosion of social media, memes, digital communication, and the ever-present-cellphone means teen-speak evolves faster than ever. A Mid is a type if shift where you work straight through lunch & dinner and are usually the 1st person cut when its BD. How many of these restaurant terms do you know? Guest Initiated Arrival – A means of guests letting the restaurant know that they are there through contactless communication like SMS texting. Here are 75 key restaurant terms in Spanish: Learn how to attract, interview, and hire back-of-house employees to build a happy, engaged team in your kitchen. It can also mean to get rid of or throw out. For college, Emily attended Indiana University Southeast and obtained a degree in Communications with a track in Advertising. 64 thoughts on “Western Slang, Lingo, and Phrases – A Writer’s Guide to the Old West” Comment navigation ← Older Comments. Let’s people know something sharp is behind them. You forgot. I need this now, ahead of all other checks. Prep. Commonly used slang term for sodas of any kind. Nick spends 98% of his disposable income at restaurants, which, naturally, makes him an expert on them. This slang is something often ignored in courses and study programs. Kitchen Slang You’re Guaranteed to Hear Working in A Restaurant An Alphabetical List of Kitchen Slang, Jargon, Terms, and Lingo Kitchen Slang: A-D. À La Minute (adj.) Tell any server you see! SOS this one, stretch the other, then get it to the expo — go, go, go!”. Ex. With a fresh approach to European/French-inspired cuisine and an American twist on timeless favorites, this is where old world charm meets contemporary design and where ‘local’ collides with ‘European’ in a … Slang word for money, capable of replacing the word “pesos” since it can hold a numerical value, like “bucks”. From fryers, the grill, or sauteed. Here are some terms you should have in your repertoire: 86 (Eighty-Six) To remove an item from an order or from the menu because the kitchen or bar is out of it. “Seriously, where’s Matt!? Ex. For example, if you ask for a Redbull and Vodka, you might get Smirnoff instead of Ciroc. Regardless of where you work in a restaurant — front of house, back of house, or management — you’re going to be interacting with the kitchen, which means you’ll need to speak their language fluently. Looking for technology that will maximize your guest experience? Did you get them all correct? ", Ex. We promise not to spam you, swear. A place where you throw food at unsuspecting customers. Sign up to get industry intel, advice, tools, and honest takes from real people tackling their restaurants’ greatest challenges. This is a great question, Bob. How did we miss this? Behind. “We need six cheeseburgers all day and one caesar salad.”. No idea how we missed that. Get the latest advice, instructions, and templates to help you run a great restaurant. Happens a lot if you are new to serving. We have a full glossary of restaurant terms and slang to test your knowledge. Scripting – Informing diners of the special and selling the special. Walk-in – Refers to the walk-in refrigerator. Comes from “duplicate”, from when printers print a carbon-copy of an order ticket. Next hour's gonna be fun ride back here, kids!”. Diner lingo is a kind of American verbal slang used by cooks and chefs in diners and diner-style restaurants, and by the wait staff to communicate their orders to the cooks. “No Johnny, Jenny can’t come to the phone right now, she’s on the line.”, Ex. Dying on the Pass (adv.) - Golden Brown Delicious (the best way to eat fried foods). Copyright © 2020 QSR Automations, Inc. All rights reserved. Open/Menu Count – The number of guests currently in the selection process. - Describes food that was left out on the pass for too long and is getting cold. Whether you’ve been hired for your first job in a restaurant or are looking to talk-the-talk so you can land one, the menu isn’t the only thing you’ll need to learn. List updated. Common FOH positions include servers, bartenders, barbacks, and hostesses. Sub: turkey burger, no pickles. Something more deriving from “Fired” but I suppose it differs from various restaurants, but to “Re-Fire” is a very common one we have. How did we miss this? 86 (v.) - To be all out of an ingredient and to have to take an item off the menu for the rest of the service. Ex. Pass (n.) - The area where dishes are plated. Young people created a much larger vocabulary of slang and a lot of it remains in use today. “Who’s running the pass tonight? In restaurant slang, dining room tables are identified by how many guests they can accommodate. F. * Fire, Fire it – Order given by the head of the line to the other cooks to begin preparation of certain orders, such as “Fire those shepherds pies!”. That means learning kitchen slang. Also, i have a couple that have to do with shifts. Ex. Thanks. Anything with legs Quick story time while I’m at it, we had a guest send back a Pretzel Board (with Charcuterie) back because it was cold. Ex. Most of these were familiar to me, but at my old restaurant job we used top differently. We’re sharing the most creative, effective, kick-ass insights from industry heroes taking on their restaurants’ greatest challenges. - When something is made à la minute, it’s made fresh as opposed to being part of a large batch that was made earlier in the day. “open count” or “menu count” is another one.

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