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Next, stir in the bourbon, orange juice concentrate, cherry juice, and bitters. rum, coconut water, pineapple. Mix 2 cups of the strawberry lemonade with the limoncello. For information on how to unsubscribe, as well as our privacy practices and commitment to protecting your privacy, check out our Privacy Policy. Cranberry Cocktail. You may unsubscribe from these communications at anytime. An easy frozen drink to satisfy your … Wash, hull and freeze strawberries. Just reach in the freezer, add a straw, and enjoy! watermelon, vodka, fresh lime juice, crushed ice. dragonfruit, ice, lime wedges, sugar, cherry juice, lime juice and 2 more. TOP 13 Alcoholic Slushies of 2020! Sensational Slush. Pinot Slush. granulated sugar, cold water, sprite, pineapple juice, grapefruit juice and 3 more. Thanks Rachel Ray! Watermelon Vodka Slush BigOven. I always freeze the fruits my kids don’t eat throughout the week … Of course, after you have a couple or one of each of these delicious drinks, you will probably want to go out dancing no matter how cold or hot it is outside! The secret is to thaw the lemonade so it’s still slightly icy—this way the cocktail will be cool and refreshing. Prepare these cocktail slushies and freeze in Simply Done zip-close bags. For when you need your slush to be all sophisticated-like. Now if only it could come with a side of beach. Throw it in the freezer while you catch up on Netflix and it will be ready to slurp on in no time. Get the drink recipe on the Cookie Rookie. Get the recipe and make this drink tonight! 2020 Howl at the Moon. Rum Slush (Printable recipe) The Kitchen is My Playground. pineapple, maraschino cherries, coconut milk, dark rum, pineapple wedges. This is a great refreshing drink on a hot day. 8 Delicious Slushy Cocktail Recipes Strawberry Champagne Slushies. Get the drink recipe on Crunchy, Creamy, Sweet. If you’re a wine drinker, we just made your drink of choice so much better. This adult slush combines tea, lemonade, orange juice, and bourbon for the ultimate Southern cocktail. Nothing basic about this slush. You can get all the ingredients and details at Style Me Pretty. Serve it for backyard BBQs, Cinco de Mayo, Fourth of July, or on any occasion … Then there’s always the nice and classic route. A sip of this Mango Margarita Slushy and a bite of some tacos will make you think you’re somewhere on a beach taking in the sun, we swear. © Red cabbage … So get ready to indulge when you try some of these amazing slushie recipes… Related: 20+ Best Frozen Drink Recipes! Grab the cocktail recipe at The Frugal Gals. 12 servings. Stephanie Jackson / Via Easy to Make Watermelon Wine Slush. This drink recipe is so simple to make you’ll be at the store buying out their champagne stock. Other Frozen Slush Cocktails: Icy Rum Slush; Red, White & Blue Vodka Lemonade Slush 2020 Howl at the Moon. And a blender, gotta have a blender for slushy drinks. The new pictures I took of these frozen vodka cocktails is better than the original, but I wish Mother Nature would have cooperated and gave me a little blue sky back there! Grab the cocktail recipe at The Frugal Gals, Best Corporate Events Venue in Kansas City. This recipe comes from the pages of What Can I Bring?, our go-to source for Southern food fitting for any and every occasion. Your standard whiskey and coke just got a lot better. Website by LDM |. Add the syrup, soda water and a lemon peel to taste. Stir to combine. If you’re going to get slushy with it, might as well make it … You can still freeze some to use as ice cubes if desired, this will help to not water down your drink! (via How Sweet It Is) Oh well, they still tasted amazing – sun out or not! View All. For a nonalcoholic option, use peach juice and lemon-lime soda instead of schnapps and … Part of the Whirlpool Corp. family of brands, This search takes into account your taste preferences, rum, water, lemonade, frozen limeade concentrate, coconut milk, dark rum, maraschino cherries, pineapple, pineapple wedges, cornstarch, baby bok choy, toasted sesame oil, vegetable oil and 8 more, kosher salt, kosher salt, mustard powder, freshly ground black pepper and 9 more, pine nuts, fresh basil leaves, linguine, garlic, kosher salt and 6 more, extra-virgin olive oil, quick-cooking polenta, fresh thyme, sherry and 19 more, dragonfruit, sugar, ice, lime wedges, cherry juice, maraschino cherries and 2 more, frozen limeade, lemonade, grenadine, cold water, white rum, granulated sugar, white rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, cold water and 3 more, lime juice, cherries, pineapple, white rum, pear nectar, pineapple, clear rum, lime, ice, coconut milk, lime slices, sugar, strawberries, frozen limeade concentrate and 2 more, crushed ice, ginger, blackberries, spiced rum, strawberries, moscato, ice, lemon, white rum, sour cherries, mangos, simple syrup, coconut rum, amaretto, pineapple chunks, pineapple juice, Truvia and 1 more, water, fresh lemon juice, sugar, pineapple juice, rum, light rum, frozen lemonade concentrate, concentr frozen juic orang and 1 more, white rum, watermelon, granulated sugar, sprite, lemon juice, lime slices, orange juice, cold water, pineapple juice, coconut water and 2 more, lemonade, ice, grenadine syrup, blue curacao, rum, chopped fresh mint, mango nectar, fresh lime juice, sugar, mango and 2 more, sprite, grenadine, rum, water, orange juice, sugar, lemonade, orange juice, rum, pineapple juice, cherries, cream of coconut and 2 more, ice, pineapple juice, strawberry, rum, frozen limeade concentrate and 1 more, rum, pineapple juice, sugar, seedless watermelon, lemon juice, pineapple juice, sugar, water, fresh lemon juice, rum, fresh lemon juice, sugar, dark rum, water, pineapple juice, frozen lemonade concentrate, water, sugar, rum, pineapple juice, mango, ice cubes, sugar, chopped fresh mint, mango, fresh lime juice and 1 more, lemon juice, rum, sugar, seedless watermelon, pineapple, chopped fresh mint, white rum, sugar, mangoes, mango nectar, ice and 1 more, water, light rum, lemon lime beverage, lemonade concentrate, Coco Lopez coconut cream, dark rum, white rum, diced pineapple and 3 more, coriander seed, ancho chile powder, dark rum, water, cinnamon and 11 more, Garam Masala, simple syrup, coarse kosher salt, vanilla bean and 8 more, heavy cream, vegetable oil, unsalted butter, semisweet chocolate and 16 more, dark rum, water, salt, sugar, apricot jam, all purpose flour and 8 more, all-purpose flour, rum, forest fruit, egg, spices, coconut butter and 4 more, Red, White and Blue Rum Slush Recipe for Two, Coffee-Crusted Pork Roast with Cranberry Relish.

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