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The more time he spent on the border, the more once-simple contrasts devolved into shades of gray.”, Variety - Cartel Land Filmmaker on Mexican Drug Wars: There's Danger Around You At All Times, “Cartel Land paints a portrait of vigilantism that is both galvanizing and deeply troubling.”, Vulture - 23 Movies To See At The 2015 Tribeca Film Festival, "EXPLOSIVE. “Enthralling! a level-headed and unbelievably intimate piece of cinematic journalism", "It’s difficult to think of a modern documentary as complex and well put together — not to mention as morally confounding — as Cartel Land", Riverfront Times - Doc Reveals Unfiltered Truth About Life in Mexico's Cartel Wars, “A direct, unfiltered cinéma vérité account of the battles between drug dealers, the Mexican authorities and the small towns that exist in the crossfire. ", Vanity Fair - The iTunes Top 10 of 2015: How Apple Cracked the Code and Turned Indies and Doc into Digital Hits. ", Entertainment Weekly - Cartel Land: EW review, “Grade A! With unprecedented access, CARTEL LAND is a riveting, on-the-ground look at the journeys of two modern-day vigilante groups and their shared enemy - the murderous Mexican drug cartel… ", Paste Magazine - In Recap: Sheffield Doc/Fest, "Border thriller Cartel Land, deserved winner of Doc/Fest’s crusading Tim Hetherington Award, is a crushing story of what you already suspected about violence and corruption in Mexico. U.S. Marine veteran Tim “Nailer” Foley leads a small paramilitary group called Arizona Border Recon whose volunteer members carry semi-automatic rifles and patrol Arizona’s Altar Valley (“Cocaine Alley”) for any sign of drug traffickers operating on the U.S. side of the border. Hollywood News - Michael Moore’s “Where to Invade Next”: Looking at potential Best Documentary Feature contenders, "This doc from Matthew Heineman is possibly the most exciting of the lot, with an added timeliness to boot. There also are some intense shoot-outs which must have been extremely scary for the director, who was in the heart of the action. But something was sure, that production happened at the right place at the right time. ", "VICE spent the day with filmmaker Matthew Heineman during his first visit back to Mexico since the making of his unflinching documentary Cartel Land, which chronicles the plight of vigilante groups north and south of the border rising against gruesome drug cartels. The Close-Up Podcast Series presents a conversation with filmmaker Matthew Heineman and Kirsten Johnson on the making of Cartel Land. ", Village Voice - BORDER MILITIA DOC ‘CARTEL LAND’ IS AN ASTONISHMENT, Variety - “‘Cartel Land’ Blurs Lines Between Good Vs. impressive footage. That did make me question if the documentary was real but when I watched the bonus material on the DVD, I realised that these events really did happen. ", "Deftly edited, and filmed with a feel for the deadly volatility of drug violence. The film contains more surprising reveals and vital story developments than in many traditional movie thrillers. Instead of looking at the cartels or the military or the government, the film focuses on vigilante action on both sides of the border – albeit the majority of the time is spent to the south. Pennebaker on Working With Rock Royalty, Fighting for Access, and His New Animal-Rights Film, The Look of Silence’ Wins IDA Award for Best Documentary of 2015, 15 DOCUMENTARY FEATURES ADVANCE IN 2015 OSCAR® RACE, 15 Revealing Quotes from 2015’s Most Successful Documentarians, Watch: 'Cartel Land' Director Matthew Heineman Opens Up About Filming in an Active War Zone, WATCH: Why Doc Contender 'Cartel Land' Is Must-See, Savannah Film Fest: Directors of 9 Top 2015 Docs Discuss Challenges, Rewards of Filmmaking, 'Cartel Land' Leads Cinema Eye Honors With 5 Nominations, ‘Cartel Land,’ ‘The Look of Silence’ Lead Cinema Eye Honors Nominations, Cinema Eye’s ‘Unforgettables’ Honorees Include Amy Winehouse, Angulo Brothers, Gotham Awards Nominations: ‘Diary of a Teenage Girl,’ ‘Carol’ Lead the Pack, Michael Moore’s “Where to Invade Next”: Looking at potential Best Documentary Feature contenders, Awards Contender Doc ‘Cartel Land’ Hauls In $550K From VOD In 2 Weeks, Director Matthew Heineman: ‘Suddenly I was alone with my camera in the middle of this shootout’, Cartel Land is one of the best and most intense documentaries you'll see in years, This gripping Mexican drug war doc makes 'Breaking Bad' look like kids' TV, And The Oscar May Go To: 30 Movies We’ve Already Seen Which Could Win Big, Drug War Doc ‘Cartel Land’ Hits Home with Mexican Audiences, Doc Reveals Unfiltered Truth About Life in Mexico's Cartel Wars, Cartel Land by H. Scott Salinas and Jackson Greenberg, Inside the Drug Wars: A Conversation with 'Cartel Land' Maker Matthew Heineman, For a wave of filmmakers, 'El Chapo' and cartels as cinematic figures, ‘Cartel Land’: a gripping look at vigilantes in Mexican drug war, It's Hard to Believe That Cartel Land Is a Documentary, Matthew Heineman on Going Beyond the Headlines and Body Count in 'Cartel Land', Movie Review: Cartel Land Investigates Vigilantism on the Mexican Border. "Jaw-droppingly, filmmaker Matthew Heineman found himself in the middle of actual fights several times, not only surviving, but emerging with impressive footage to boot.". Probably not very often, right? She then entered the graduate film program at Columbia University, where she earned her master’s degree. If you haven’t done it yet, you need to see Cartel Land and you need to watch it now, before it rocks this Academy Awards season. The DocGroup’s projects include the ground-breaking GIRL RISING, a feature film and a global campaign to support girls’education in developing countries. Matthew Hamachek began his career working on the Oscar-nominated documentary STREET FIGHT with Marshall Curry and went on to collaborate with Curry again on RACING DREAMS (Best Documentary, Tribeca Film Festival) and IF A TREE FALLS, which won the Documentary Editing award at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary. Both of these vigilante groups operate outside of their government’s good graces but both governments refrain from direct action against the groups, even seeming to work with them on some level. The film focuses on Tim "Nailer" Foley, the leader of Arizona Border Recon , and Dr José Mireles , a Michoacán -based physician who leads the Autodefensas . If the filmmaker wanted to bring in important information from the U.S. side of the border, he might have tried providing some information about how our government’s “War on Drugs” has paralleled the cartel’s rise (coincidence? Is it OK to take the law into your own hands? ", Vulture - The 18 Best Films From Sundance 2015, "Access, access, access is the driving force in Matthew Heineman's astonishing documentary. But during the conclusion, brought back to the track and clarified many doubts, yet leave a few unanswered. Reviewer 8: In addition, Cartel Land was nominated for a Gotham Award, Critics’ Choice Award, and BAFTA Award for Best Documentary, and was recently presented with the 2015 Documentary Award by the prestigious George Polk Awards in Investigative Journalism. Delivers the narrative propulsion and satisfaction of a first-rate fiction thriller.". Matthew Heineman joined Matthew Cooke on PoliticKING to discuss Cartel Land. ", VICE -- Roger Deakins and Matthew Heineman On Depicting the Drug War in Film, VICE sits down with Matthew Heineman and legendary cinematographer Roger Deakins (SICARIO) to discuss filmmaking and "the overlapping themes of their respective films. The patrol they created to fight against crime is something that most people probably stand behind and support too. The US side of the story is interesting but mostly it is linked to the Mexican story by virtue of being some steps behind tat group, and thus a cautionary tale in that regard. The film was released theatrically nationwide by The Orchard in July 2015 and had its broadcast premiere on A&E in January 2016. I was not sure what to expect from this film. ", "Heineman directs the movie so that it almost doesn't feel like a documentary, largely thanks its beautiful cinematography. Meanwhile, Jose Mireles leads the Autodefensas, whose members carry similar weapons in their quest to root out members of the ruthless drug cartel which operates in the area around the western Mexican state of Michoacán. He has produced radio and video documentaries that have aired on Discovery, BBC, CBC, CNN and others. You can use a text widget to display text, links, images, HTML, or a combination of these. Although he hasn’t made the technical “best” documentary of the year), it’s hard to see a documentary filmmaker who stuck his neck out more, literally, than Matthew Heienman to make Cartel Land (maybe Joshua Oppenheimer, in his way, put himself in danger to make his Indonesia docs, but he wasn’t caught up in anything like this). “Cartel Land invites you into the drug war and the unimaginable horror at its heart. ", VARIETY -- ‘The Revenant’ Director Alejandro G. Inarritu Wins DGA Movie Award, ANTHEM MAGAZINE -- Matthew Heineman Bites the Bullet, Heineman: "My goal with the film was to provide a human face—an emotional and personal look—to how this violence was affecting everyday people. It has all the makings for a brilliant film but as this is a documentary about true events, I found it thrilling and quite emotional, especially when you hear what some of the community went through. The Mexican side of this documentary is more than intriguing. The cartels value for life did shock me and I can’t imagine how it must be to live your life in fear, 24 hours a day. ", Twitch Film - An American Film Geek's Top 10 for 2015, CARTEL LAND named #8 film of 2015! Bigelow also recently created the Public Service Announcement Last Days, and was awarded The Humane Society of the United States Genesis Award in 2014 for Outstanding Short Film. The film premiered in the U.S. Evil in Mexican Drug Wars”, THE CINEMA SOCIETY & THE ORCHARD HOST A SCREENING OF 'CARTEL LAND', Documentary Filmmakers Talk About Manipulation in Their Work, Seth Meyers Hosts a New  York Screening of the Kathryn Bigelow-Produced  Doc, ‘Cartel Land', If You Thought Breaking Bad Was Terrifying, Wait Until You See the Real Drug War, Investigating The Drug Trade In 'Cartel Land', “‘Cartel Land’ and the Never-Ending Story of the Drug War”, “Sheffield Doc/Fest Review - Cartel Land”, Cartel Land Review: A Mexican Robin Hood Story, Focus on change: Human Rights Watch Film Festival, Human Rights Watch Film Festival: 6 films to check out. This is not an easy documentary to watch, but it’s necessary if you have previously lost interest as the next politician proclaims he will continue “the war on drugs”. Over the last decade, he has edited and produced a variety of content for Showtime Networks, Ogilvy & Mather, MTV and Amazon Studios. After giving speeches in the various towns, he manages to put together a force called the Autodefensas, who use heavy artillery and group together in numbers to get the perpetrators out of the many villages. Previously, he directed and produced a feature-length documentary ESCAPE FIRE: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare. Cartel Land (2015) volledige film ondertiteld in het Nederlands A sprawling look at the life on the front lines of the war against drug cartels in Mexico”, The Dissolve - Crossing Borders At True/False 2015, “Ride-along documentaries don't get any more dangerous than Matthew Heineman's Cartel Land, a chilling cross-border exploration of vigilantes trying to fight a drug war their government can't win on their own”, Tribeca Film Festival - Here Are The Films In The 2015 Festival Spotlight Section, The Hollywood Reporter - Frightening Doc On Arizona's Lack of Border Control, “Spellbinding! Jaw-dropping. Cartel Land wins Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography at the Cinema Eye Honors! Cartel Land has topped the doc charts in Argentina, Columbia, Mexico and Paraguay simultaneously on iTunes! Reviewer 6: Serving as the primary cinematographer, he employs a run-and-gun style for much of the movie, using a lightweight digital camera that at times lurches so dramatically that you can visualize the body attached to it. Established governments fear them. This a very good documentary film, very gripping and interesting storyline with the characters. Nor did he intend to spend any time crouched inside a car taking fire from members of a drug cartel. ), his true motive is to stop people from crossing the border because he has an anti-immigration ax to grind. By seeing its poster, my mind was very clear that it definitely some serious subject. The opening scene was something like ‘Breaking Bad’, so I thought it might told from the bad guy’s perspective about how their network and business would work. CARTEL LAND is Porwoll's second collaboration with director Matthew Heineman: Emmy-nominated ESCAPE FIRE: THE FIGHT TO RESCUE AMERICAN HEALTHCARE, shot by Wolfgang Held, made its premiere at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. VARIETY - BAFTA Nominations: ‘Bridge of Spies,’ ‘Carol’ Lead Film Awards Race. Cartel Land (2015) trailer review But everything drastically changed after the 5- 10 minutes of the film. Bradley is an Emmy nominated producer and award winning editor residing in New York City. He has scored multiple festival award winning short films and composed music for national television commercials. His latest film CARTEL LAND was nominated for an Academy Award... Start your free trial to watch Cartel Land and other popular TV shows and movies including new releases, classics, Hulu Originals, … Matthew Heineman joined Charlie Rose to discuss Cartel Land. With their faces covered, this small group of men goes about their business unfettered and they even talk to the camera. Outstanding Cinematography in a Nonfiction Program, and Outstanding Sound Editing in a Nonfiction Program! Cartel Land (2015) Full Movie subtitled in French Comparing the two insults the Mexican people’s suffering and the Autodefensas courage, however flawed their leaders and unsuccessful their efforts may be. Across the border, under the different society and government, how these two sacrifice their lives in battle against the dangerous networks that threatens the peace is the story. ", IndieWIRE / Sydney’s Buzz - Matthew Heineman on Going Beyond the Headlines and Body Count in 'Cartel Land', “Riveting! Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Filmmaker Matt Heineman Dives Deep into Action on ‘Cartel Land’ – “Things That Happened Off Camera Made It Even Scarier”, ‘The Revenant’ Director Alejandro G. Inarritu Wins DGA Movie Award, "Where Have All the 'Missing' Migrant Children Gone", Jailed Mexican vigilante leader applauds Cartel Land’s Oscar nomination, Watch 'Cartel Land' on Netflix now before it wins the Oscar for Best Documentary, 'Cartel Land' tops iTunes charts in LatAm, The Look of Silence Wins Top Documentary Award at Cinema Eye, Media Frenzy Over Sean Penn’s El Chapo Interview Obscures Brutality, ‘Downton Abbey,’ ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘Veep’ Score DGA Nominations, BAFTA Nominations: ‘Bridge of Spies,’ ‘Carol’ Lead Film Awards Race, Matthew Heineman on entering the dangerous world of 'Cartel Land', "How Directory Matthew Heineman Seized 'Cartel Land'", Documentary contenders remind us there are many ways to talk about issues, Critics’ Choice Awards Nominations: Complete List, What to Watch: 'Going Clear,' 'Hunting Ground' and 13 Other Oscar-Shortlisted Documentaries, From 'Meru' to 'Cartel Land,' This Year's 13 Must-Watch Docs, The iTunes Top 10 of 2015: How Apple Cracked the Code and Turned Indies and Doc into Digital Hits, "Carol" and "Sicario" Lead the 19th OFCS Nominations, Cartel Land' Paints Stunning, Dark Picture of Mexico Vigilantes, D.A. “Cartel Land” is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Matthew Heineman speaks with Nightline about the drug wars and the conflict raging along the US/Mexican border. Instead, Heineman simply lets the story unfold — one in which the lines between right and wrong seem to be hopelessly blurred. Find out where Cartel Land is streaming, if Cartel Land is on Netflix, and get news and updates, on Decider. The Wrap - ‘Cartel Land’ Director on Drugs and Illegal Immigration: ‘Everything That Comes Across the Border Is Controlled by the Cartel’, “Cartel Land” puts viewers in the thick of the action on both sides of the border, with particularly vivid sequences in which Heineman’s camera ended up in shootouts and in a makeshift meth lab in the middle of the desert. ", INDIEWIRE - Review: 'Cartel Land' is the Kathryn Bigelow Movie You Wish She'd Make, “Harrowing. Instead, he makes a false parallel with a group of anti-immigrant wingnuts. It’s where the original story commence. As the documentary opens, we see Mexican guys cooling up meth somewhere in Michoacán. ", - “‘Cartel Land’ and the Never-Ending Story of the Drug War”, "Gorgeous! Beautifully filmed and fiercely evocative", FLICKERING MYTH - “Sheffield Doc/Fest Review - Cartel Land”, "★ ★ ★ ★ Unfolds like a great thriller! "The media circus surrounding the prison escape and recapture of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzmán, a cunning peasant farmer-turned billionaire drug lord of the famed Sinaloa Cartel, has captivated the world and, in many instances, glorified a vicious killer," writes Heineman for Variety. They even evoke the name of their god to justify their actions. How they convinced people involved to let them film all of this is beyond me. Cartel Land (2015) trailer, Cartel Land (2015) [HD] (3D) regarder en francais English Subtitles ", The New Yorker - The Missing Story of the Drug War, “Stunning...By focussing on upstart vigilantes as they accrue power, the film reveals a reality more troubling than has been depicted by other drug-war stories.”, The Guardian - Director Matthew Heineman: ‘Suddenly I was alone with my camera in the middle of this shootout’, “Heineman stayed and stayed, until he was under the skin of this horror, cheek-by-jowl with its faces, recording its human emotions and savage reality. With revolting, I refer of course to the deplorable situation the Mexican people find themselves in, left to their own devices with the state or federal authorities pretty much absent. – United States of America "Shot with an assured attention to dramatic compositions and edited with a swiftness that generates uneasy, suspenseful momentum, Heineman’s documentary has the electricity of an adrenalized war film. It’s informative and a thrill ride.”, Esquire - If You Thought Breaking Bad Was Terrifying, Wait Until You See the Real Drug War, NPR - Investigating The Drug Trade In 'Cartel Land', "Cartel Land is skillfully balanced. Besides gaining practically unprecedented access to that secret meth lab, director Matthew Heineman embeds with these vigilante groups, following them on their missions and getting up close and personal with some of the action in some obviously dangerous situations. I don’t think it is going to win, certainly I can’t either rule out the chances as it made this far. In such circumstance, a fame can turn the destiny of a man on whatever side. Documentary competition. Matthew Heineman is an Oscar-nominated and Emmy-winning filmmaker based in New York. Cartel Land (2015) R | 100 min | Documentary, News 7.4 0 Rate 1 Rate 2 Rate 3 Rate 4 Rate 5 Rate 6 Rate 7 Rate 8 Rate 9 Rate 10 Rate 0 Error: please try again. 1. ", The Wrap - 'Cartel Land' Leads Cinema Eye Honors With 5 Nominations, Cartel Land "received five nominations for this year’s Cinema Eye Honors for Nonfiction Filmmaking. ", Washingtonian - Five Can’t-Miss Flicks at AFI-Docs, "Incredible access for a tale about vigilantism, justice, and danger. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. BUSINESS INSIDER -- Director of Oscar-nominated 'Cartel Land' on the blurring of good and evil among Mexican and American vigilantes, Watch Matthew Heineman sit down with Business Insider to discuss how "initial assumptions about right and wrong and good and evil prove far too simplistic for this complex war. ", Backstage - 5 Free Talkbacks With Film Visionaries, "Dubbed a “classic Western set in the 21st century,” “Cartel Land” follows the vigilantes on both sides of the Mexican-American border, and is likely to be on everyone’s mind come awards season. Bigelow supports many environmental and animal welfare charities, in addition to the EOD Memorial Foundation, Wounded Warrior Foundation & Naval Special Warfare Family Foundation. B.Y.O.D. Cartel Land is waiting on the sidelines gaining the momentum it needs to swoop in and nab the prize for Best Documentary Feature. Reviewer 7: This story is too little known north of the border, and that’s why this documentary is important and should be seen. But the film amounts to much more than just amazing visuals. He then ends up in a plane crash, which paralysed a side of his face and seriously damages his back, so he takes time out from the Autodefensas and goes into hiding because he doesn’t know if the crash was a hit from the cartels. Only until a twist that surprised me, because I was not thought a tale would turn like this. Filmmaker Matthew Heineman examines the state of the ongoing drug problem along the U.S.-Mexican Reviewer 5: I’ve rarely praised either of these in other documentaries, but the cinematography and the score are both magnificent. Vigilantes from both sides of the Mexican border take action against the ruthless cartels, as depicted in this documentary from … Thompson also EP'd two scripted Lifetime Films' features: LAST OF ROBIN HOOD, which premiered at TIFF in 2013 and released by Goldwyn, and the forthcoming LILA AND EVE, starring Viola Davis and Jennifer Lopez. "Heineman’s documentary has the electricity of an adrenalized war film... (It's) the rare non-fiction work that routinely keeps one’s nerves on edge. The movie did make me investigate what really did happen to José, who is still in prison but I did find it a bit weird that no one looked into the camera during the scenes in the various villages and the shoot-outs. Find where to watch Cartel Land in New Zealand. Cartel Land has been nominated for a Critics' Choice Award for Best Documentary of 2015! Learning how desperate the vigilantes are to protect their homes, turf and way of life, we are left with little doubt of their mission. His fiction work includes Peter Bogdanovich’s upcoming comedy SHE’S FUNNY THAT WAY, starring Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston, and Noah Buschel’s directorial debut BRINGING RAIN. Cartel Land (2015) Full Movie subtitled in German Both stories involve heavy corruption, kidnap, horrifying murder, rape and black mail. Cartel Land nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature! Listen to Matthew Heineman discuss the making of Cartel Land on the Brian Lehrer Show! The cinematography is so crisp and gorgeous, and the level of access filmmaker Matthew Heineman got to narcos (and anti-narco vigilantes) in Mexico verges on the improbable. You know, in the movies everything’s fake, and this isn’t a movie, but a documentary. ", GENERAL INQUIRIES:, NY PRESS INQUIRIES:, LA PRESS INQUIRIES:, US DISTRIBUTION INQUIRIES:, ALL INTERNATIONAL INQUIRIES:, EDUCATION INQUIRIES:, Outstanding Achievement in Non-Fiction Feature Filmmaking, Direction, Production, Cinematography, and Original Music Score, utstanding Directorial Achievement in Documentary, Exceptional Merit In Documentary Filmmaking (Winner), Outstanding Cinematography For A Nonfiction Program (Winner), Outstanding Sound Editing For A Nonfiction Program (Winner), Outstanding Directing For A Nonfiction Program (Nominee), Outstanding Picture Editing For A Nonfiction Program (Nominee), Best Director, Special Grand Jury Prize for Cinematography, “Making A Murderer”, “Cartel Land” sweep Creative Emmys, 'CARTEL LAND' and 'WHAT HAPPENED, MISS SIMONE?' Anyway, this movie definitely gave a graphic insight into a world which I totally didn’t know existed and right from the beginning, when the members of the cartels are cooking the “Meth”, I was glued to the TV until the end. Meanwhile, in Arizona's Altar Valley – a narrow, 52-mile-long desert corridor known as Cocaine Alley – Tim "Nailer" Foley, an American veteran, heads a small paramilitary group called Arizona Border Recon, whose goal is to stop Mexico’s drug wars from seeping across our border. ", Wall Street Journal - ‘Cartel Land’ Review: Blurring the Line Between Hero and Villain, “A Bleakly Persuasive view of a decades-long combat that respects no boundaries, and seems to hold no promises of surcease.  Mr. Heineman and his colleagues have cast light into the darkness and, most valuably, dramatized the anguish of Mexico’s innocents in a lawless time.”, "Beautifully shot film is about the hazy territory between questions and answers in the bloody drug wars in Mexico that bleed into Arizona. In 2012, he co-produced and edited ESCAPE FIRE: THE FIGHT TO RESCUE AMERICAN HEALTHCARE, which was a Sundance Official Selection, won numerous awards across the country, and was nominated for a 2013 Emmy Award. Cartel Land is a 2015 American documentary film directed by Matthew Heineman about the Mexican Drug War, especially vigilante groups fighting Mexican drug cartels. A profound, deeply disturbing, and unbelievably intense documentary tackling an issue that’s all too current.”, HIGHSNOBIETY - Matthew Heineman’s Epic Documentary ‘Cartel Land’ to Hit Theaters, “A visionary masterpiece!

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